a name respected within the world of jewellery and watches. With an exclusive appeal and created with a passion for an antique trade handed down by generations. Masters in the art of creating a simple object and transforming it into a true masterpiece.

The first workshop.
Established in 1923, our first jewellery store opened in the centre of Rome… and 90 years on, the Mastrolorenzi story continues. Among the most exclusive pieces of jewellery commissioned by our craftsmen jewellers - the production of the historical papal ring of Eugenio Pacelli, elected Pope Pio xii on the 12th March 1939.

Watches and jewellery.
Today, still based in the heart of Rome in the area of St. Peters, our enduring reputation and history continues and strengthens. The flair, precision and creativity of the maestro Massimo now passed on to able hands of his son Mattia, who also has an exceptional passion for watches and of course, the technical expertise that Mastrolorenzi is famous for.
Upon entering our charming and characteristic little shop near the Vatican, our valued clients can expect not only the finest of watches but a service that is committed to proficiency, attention to detail and a very welcoming environment. Here you will find the most prestigious makes of watches in the world, vintage watches and rarities – a great place for anyone who shares the Mastrolorenzi passion for watches.

Timetable: Monday - Friday 10/1 a.m. - 3:30/7 p.m.
Closed Monday morning and Saturday